Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Become an IVC Volunteer

Thanks for your interest in learning more about the Ignatian Volunteer Corps! Please find below the process steps by which a prospective Service Corps Member discerns membership with the IVC program.

Please read below about the Information Sessions.

1. IVC Service Corps Member Discernment Process

  1. Inquiry from prospective Service Corps Member
  2. Attend information session*
  3. Request application
  4. Complete and submit application
  5. Personal Interview with Director and Chaplain or Reflector
  6. References are contacted
  7. Accepted or not accepted into program

2. Agency Placement Process

  1. If accepted, IVC Service Corps Member and Director discuss appropriate service project/agency placement.
  2. Service Corps Member visits selected agencies; member and agency determine if the match is appropriate.
  3. Agency provides job description.
  4. Service Corps Member and agency jointly establish regular volunteer schedule.
  5. IVC Service Corps Member attends agency orientation and meets supervisor.
  6. IVC Service Corps Member completes Archdiocesan Safe Environment training and criminal background check.

3. Program Orientation

  1. New Service Corps member attends New Service Corps Member Orientation in early September.
  2. Director and Chaplain assign a spiritual reflector for the new IVC Service Corps Member (we will try to accommodate geographical concerns for convenience of meeting or other preferences).
  3. Service Corps Member schedules initial meeting with spiritual reflector in September and sets up regular monthly meetings according to schedule agreed upon by reflector and Service Corps Member.
  4. IVC Service Corps Member, Director, and agency check in periodically to evaluate ongoing working relationship; Director visits IVC Service Corps Member and volunteer site in spring of service year.
  5. Service Corps Member commits to regular reflection and spiritual formation opportunities including:
    1. Actively journaling on volunteer experience
    2. Meeting and participating with other Service Corps Members at monthly community meeting and at Days of Reflection and annual overnight retreat
    3. Meeting monthly with spiritual reflector

* Information sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, meet current Service Corps Members, and to ask any questions you have about the program. Information sessions are held from late winter to late summer. The schedule and registration will be available on the website once it has been established.

You can also contact IVC Program Manager Cathy Buescher to learn more about getting started. Call Cathy at 201.407.6052 or send email to cbuescher@ivcusa.org.