Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Give Your Input!

This fall, the season of gathering and harvest, we welcome those involved in the IVC mission, past and present, to share their views, dreams and ideas to the Vision and Planning process to imagine together the future of IVC.

There are TWO ways you are invited to give your input. We hope you’ll do both:

1) Take the general SURVEY
2) Participate in a VISIONING SESSION

You can find more information on both below!

Register for an Imagine IVC Visioning Session

During this process we want to ensure that all members of the IVC community have the opportunity to participate and have their voices heard. Please follow the link below to register for one of our upcoming Visioning Sessions. During these sessions we will discuss the future of IVC which will be shaped by your feedback!

Specifically, these questions will be considered by all participants:
• What resonated within you and enlightened you as you reflected on the words and images in preparation for this conversation?
• What grace do you seek from God and each other to see (and/or embrace) a future vision for IVC with new light?
• How should IVC seek to meet this moment in time?

Each session will be held via Zoom and last approximately two hours. The sessions will take place on the following dates:

Visioning Session #1 – Tuesday, October 17th  12:00-2:00 ET
Visioning Session #2 – Wednesday, November 1st  4:00-6:00 ET
Visioning Session #3 –  Saturday, November 11th  11:00-1:00 ET
Visioning Session #4 –  Thursday, December 7th  4:00-6:00 ET

Prior to your Visioning Session, we ask that you download the following document. It contains a Reflection Booklet created to guide you through the process, a description of the “Spiritual Conversation” model that our Visioning Sessions will be using, and a summary of both the history of IVC and current information about where we are today.

Complete the Imagine IVC Survey by October 31

We also invite you all to complete the survey below. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes and your input in this process is invaluable, and the information we collect via this survey will be the jumping-off point for the Imagine IVC process. The Imagine IVC survey will close on October 31.

The survey is now closed, thank you to everyone who responded!