Bicycles and Rosaries!

Tom Adler serves as the Life Skills Coordinator at Project Lazarus, the oldest and largest residential facility in the Gulf Coast region providing assisted living to people with HIV/AIDS.  Founded in 1985 by two compassionate priests in cooperation with the...

Experience Saving a Life

When Cathy Brown joined the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, she did not expect to actually save a person’s life within the first 30 minutes of the first shift at her service site. But that’s exactly what happened!

Keeping a Room for Christ

In Denver, Colorado, you can see God’s glory at work at a Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS) site, an initiative started in December 2020 by the Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC). CVC was founded in 2017 by a group of young people committed to justice along with members of the Denver homeless community. Together they have developed a model — providing insulated tents, privacy, safety, and services for people experiencing homelessness — that is being considered in cities across the country.

Strengthening, Rebuilding, and Healing Communities through Service and Spirituality

Requests from social service providers, churches, schools, and other charities for IVC corps members have increased 85% over the past five years. IVC aims to address gaps in service provision and education achievement exacerbated by the global pandemic. As America begins to rebuild…

Journeying With Youth

If you check out Boston’s Casserly House’s website and click on “Meet the Team,” you’ll see the organization, under the leadership of the Sisters of St. Joseph, is staffed entirely by volunteers tied to the Jesuit mission: three Ignatian Volunteer Corps Members and at...

What is Ignatian Volunteer Corps

The lgnatian Volunteer Corps® (IVC) provides men and women, most age 50 or better, opportunities to serve others and to transform lives. IVC matches the talents of experienced Volunteers with the greatest social needs of our time.

IVC works in partnership with hundreds of community partner organizations. These nonprofit organizations provide lgnatian Volunteers with substantive work to serve individuals who have slipped through this country’s safety net. And hundreds of community organizations are on waiting lists to get an lgnatian Volunteer.

Find IVC in Your Region

Regional Directors and Coordinators administer the local IVC program in their city. They recruit and place new volunteers, reflectors and agencies

IVC Regional Offices

What’s New?

lgnatian Resources in Uncertain Times We are living in critically important times and it is not a stretch to state that people feel that we are grappling with many issues facing our country. Many of the people we serve are unsure, vulnerable and even frightened as many changes are occurring, political motivations are conflicted and confusing.

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Here’s what others have to say about IVC.

“What makes IVC special – they come with a wealth of experience, with professional backgrounds, with a maturity, and above all with a passion to be in service for the marginalized and those in need of help.”

— Gizachew Emiru, former Executive Director of TASSC International, Washington DC

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