Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference


Consider whether your nonprofit organization would be eligible
to become an IVC partner Service Site:

  1. Does your mission directly serve people who are poor or work to address the issues and structures which impact people who are poor?
  2. Can you provide a job description and opportunity for service 2 days/week, 10 months/year which will use the skills and life experiences of an Ignatian Volunteer?
  3. Will you designate a current staff person to orient the new Ignatian Volunteer, provide support, and supervise work as needed?
  4. Do the operational standards of your organization demonstrate a deep respect for the dignity of every person, clients and staff alike?
  5. Are there sufficient precautions for the physical safety of an Ignatian Volunteer and will he or she be included in the same kind of trainings, background checks and liability coverage provided to other volunteers?

Partnership Fee
IVC asks for a financial commitment, a modest annual partnership fee, per volunteer to support the IVC organization itself. Ignatian Volunteers are not paid employees, but work on a fully voluntary basis.

The partnership fee helps ensure that IVC will be able to continue to supply the competent, consistent and caring Ignatian Volunteers which Service Sites want as well as to provide the unique spiritual program to support the volunteers and help them remain zealous in their work for their Service Site.

If you would like to discuss applying to become an IVC partner Service Site please contact the Regional Director in your area. Click on Locations for a list of IVC regions.