Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

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Smart policy on homelessness requires empathy, not contempt
From the Washington Post, E.J. Dionne Jr.

The Push for Repeal of the Death Penalty in Louisiana
From The Clarion Herald, The Official Newspaper of the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Ignatian Volunteer Corps Seeks to Share Ministry with Retired Seniors
From the Times Leader of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Meaningful Retirement
From The Evangelist, The Official Publication of the Diocese of Albany

“Invisible Words” Exhibit of Signs by Homeless Encourages Empathy
From the Washington DC Catholic Standard

MLK Library to Exhibit Homeless Signs as DC Struggles with Homeless Encampments
From The Washington Times

Join Us for a Webinar on Ignatian Spirituality
From Scranton University

For Ignatian Volunteers, Experience Makes the Difference
From CatholicPhilly.com

Transformative Support for Political Science
From Gonzaga University

Volunteers Act on Principles of Soldier-Turned-Saint Ignatius
From the Albany Times Union

Ignatian Volunteer Corps Growing its Presence in Rhode Island
From Rhode Island Catholic

Retirees Share Their Time with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps
From Chicago Catholic

Theology Uncorked Looks at Reducing Violence in Baltimore
With the murder of Safe Streets organizer Dante Barksdale fresh in their minds, advocates for reducing violence in Baltimore City said during Theology Uncorked that respect and dignity help them reach out to a suffering community.

IVC is Growing its Presence in Rhode Island
Rhode Island Catholic reports on the growth of IVC New England’s Providence community with stories of service from region Director, Dave Hinchen, and service members, Abina Hanson, Bill Waters, and Joe McCarthy.

Serving in the Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Creighton Prep High School in Omaha, NE, featured two Ignatian Volunteer alumni (Robert Sigler, ’64 and Dick Sibbernsen ’66) in their Summer 2018 alumni magazine. Thanks, Creighton Prep, for shining a light on the good work of Ignatian Volunteers in Omaha and Chicago.

Ignatian Volunteers a draw for retired BC alumni, BC Chronicle, and BC Update, Boston College.
This article highlights the growing popularity of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps as more and more BC alumni look to re-connect to their Jesuit education and values as they approach their retirement years.

Is God Calling You to Be an Ignatian Volunteer?
The Catholic Messenger, Diocese of Covington, KY

Retirees Apply Skills as Ignatian Volunteers, National Catholic Reporter, January 13-26, 2017 Ignatian Volunteer Corps Fills Crucial Social Service Niche in Western New York, Western NY Catholic, August 24, 2016
This article shares the work of the newest IVC region, IVC Buffalo, and encourages readers to join the local chapter in its mission of service and Ignatian Spirituality.

Looking to saint, Groh leads volunteers to ’set the world on fire
The Catholic Spirit, August 18, 2016
IVC Regional Director Kathleen Groh was awarded as a “Leading with Faith” honoree of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in August 2016. This article is an interview with her on her work with IVC and her 30 year career as a lay leader in ministry.

Retirees put expertise into service with Ignatian Volunteer Corps
The Catholic Spirit, April 27, 2016
Article highlights the work of Ignatian Volunteers Tim Foley and Cheryl Dugan in the Twin Cities.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps Transforming Lives
The Catholic Messenger, Diocese of Covington, KY, April 2016
This article gives an overview of IVC’s mission and spotlights several Ignatian Volunteers in the Greater Cincinnatti region.

Aging with Ignatius
America Magazine, March 28, 2016. by Barbara A. Lee
Ignatian Volunteer Barbara A. Lee writes about Ignatian Spirituality in the years after retirement and her service with IVC over the past 16 years in this reflection on her spiritual journey and this stage of life.

Transforming Lives, Christine Curran: Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Spring 2016 edition of Midwest Jesuits Magazine
A dynamic interview with IVC Chicago Regional Director Christine Curran.

Experience Making a Difference with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Omaha World Herald, March 14, 2016
“Ignatian volunteers share one thing in common; gratitude. And, gratitude is what calls them into service….”My Part in God’s Project
Winter 2016 edition of Jesuits Central and Southern Province Magazine, pg 22
IVC St. Louis Volunteer Mark Neilson reflects on his service and his part in God’s mission of compassion and service.

No Place for a Plaster Saint, NCR Online, September/October 2015
IVC St. Louis Volunteer Mark Neilsen wrote a reflection on his experiences at the food pantry where he volunteers for NCR Online.

“What would Francis do?” Ignatian Volunteers have the answer.
The Catholic Review, September 18, 2015
IVC Baltimore’s Region Director, volunteers and partner staff are interviewed in this article, which highlights how Pope Francis’ message and example have inspired Ignatian Volunteers, and how their service makes a difference to local nonprofits’ ability to serve people in need.

IVC Reaching out to the Media in Advance of Papal Visit, WJLA-TV, August 2015
In preparation for the Pope’s visit to the US, IVC invited a local TV station in Washington DC to see for themselves how the words of Pope Francis are being put into action. In the coming weeks, we’ll be inviting more media outlets to take a closer look at the programs that have been inspired by our faith, Ignatian Spirituality, the Jesuits, and the Holy Father.

Baltimore Region Director interviewed on Baltimore Internet Radio, May 2015
IVC Baltimore Region Director Steve Eberle was interviewed by Baltimore Internet Radio’s Local Issues Host, Dave Custy. They discussed how IVC came to be, what it means to be an Ignatian Volunteer and a variety of other topics related to IVC. While this is Baltimore-specific, it’s a nice 30-minute audio overview of IVC for anyone considering becoming an Ignatian Volunteer.

Connecting Homeless with Help, The San Diego Union Tribune, January 28, 2015
This article describes the San Diego Housing Commission’s 9th annual Project Homeless Connect, which provided services in one day to 1,100 individuals. The story includes a quote from Ignatian Volunteer Tom Theisen, who is also president of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless.

Learning from the Poor, Jesuits Central and Southern Magazine, Fall 2014
“For the past three years, Anne Osdieck has been praying with homeless or recently homeless men and women in St. Louis. The retired high school art teacher and Ignatian Volunteer Corps member has long been interested in Ignatian spirituality and has read a great deal about it. The poor are teaching her even more.”

The Bishop’s Radio Hour, Immaculate Heart Radio, Diocese of Sacramento, June 11, 2014
IVC Executive Director Mary C. McGinnity is interviewed on this radio program and shares the mission of IVC. Her segment begins at 42:40.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps Offers Way to Serve Others, Grow in Faith, Catholic News Service, June 3, 2014
This CNS article touts the work of two Ignatian Volunteers in New York—Mary Ashcroft and John Lundy—and their impact at their service sites. “For Mary Ashcroft, work ‘is a prayer,'” the article begins. The article was reprinted in the National Catholic Reporter as well.

Ignatian Volunteers Find Community in Serving the Poor, The Catholic Review, May 4, 2014
Mark Wong, an Ignatian Volunteer in Baltimore, serves at the Franciscan Center where he assists the working poor and individuals who are homeless with clothing, food, and financial assistance. This article in the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s newspaper higlights his work and that of IVC in Baltimore.

Seniors Bring Time and Talent to the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, The Catholic Voice, May 2, 2014
Retired from a career as a marketing executive and inspired by his faith to help others, Craig Collins chose volunteer opportunities that dovetailed with his professional expertise. His wife, Karen, who was a nurse, also wanted to help others, but chose tutoring as her ministry. This article focuses on their service with IVC Omaha.

Soup Chef Infuses Ignatian Spirit into Everything She Makes, Catholic News Bulletin, December 20, 2013
Cathy Duer, IVC Cleveland Regional Director, cooks each month for her Volunteers’ Regional community gatherings. She shares favorite recipes and IVC’s mission through this article.

The 2013 Sanctae Crucis Awards, Holy Cross Magazine, Summer 2013 Holy Cross alumni received the latest issue of their college’s magazine in mid-July. The issue includes an article about the most recent recipients of the Sanctae Crucis Award, the highest non-degree honor the college bestows. IVC’s Executive Director, Mary McGinnity was one of the five honorees this year. Among other factors, she was recognized “for her committed care for the poor, the marginalized and the abandoned.” Creating Homes, The Catholic Free Press, April 12, 2013
This story in the newspaper of the Diocese of Worcester, MA is about IVC New England’s Della Strada event honoring Fr. Fred Enman, S.J., the founder and executive director of Matthew 25, an organization that rehabilitates houses for low-income residents.

Some of Life’s Best Work May Be After Retirement, The Messenger, March 29, 2013
This article in the newspaper of the Diocese of Covington, KY describes the workof four Ignatian Volunteers and their impact on agencies that serve the materially poor.

Ignatian Volunteers Put Gospel Values Into Practice, The Catholic Telegraph, March 2013
“As social service agencies and nonprofits struggle to meet the needs of a growing number of people, one national organization with a local footprint is looking for more volunteers to serve them. The Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) has 12 volunteers locally who incorporate the values of the Gospel into all their works. Ignatian Volunteers are all over age 50, have a strong commitment to their faith and adhere to the principle of ‘finding God in all things.’”

Ignatian Road Race to Benefit Jesuit Outreach, The Catholic Review, March 21, 2013
“Pat Skarupa first became interested in learning more about St. Ignatius Loyola when three of her sons attended Loyola Blakefield in Towson more than four decades ago. Skarupa has learned about Ignatian spirituality over the years and about five years ago, she began volunteering through Baltimore-headquartered Ignatian Volunteer Corps.”

Local Reaction to New Pope: Midlanders Say Election Reflects Latinos’ Key Role, Omaha World Herald, March 14, 2013
“We’re all very excited to have a Jesuit pope,” said Becky Ehrman, who works for Ignatian Volunteer Corps, a Jesuit outreach organization. “I think it’s a call to service to the poor. It’s a call toward true healing, which we need in the church.”

New Birthline Director Impressed with Staff’s Dedication, Southern Cross, September 2012
Sharon Shelton is using her military background and consultant skills as the new Director at Birthline, where she is assisted by four other Ignatian Volunteers—Betty Ainsworth, Maria Cetale, Margaret Goldau, and Mary Lou Navarrette. The article describes “the spirit of volunteerism that makes Birthline’s work possible.”

Ignatian Volunteer Corps at Stroger Hospital, Ignatian News Network, July 31, 2012
Watch this video of 2 Ignatian Volunteer Corps Volunteers as they share their experiences working as the Hospital Chaplains at Stroger Hospital in Chicago, IL.

Retirees in Ignatian Volunteer Corps blend spirituality, social service Catholic Universe Bulletin, July 23,2012
“Kathleen Palmieri sometimes arrives at St. Philip Neri Family Center as early as 6:45 a.m. for her unpaid job with Project H.O.P.E. (Health Outreach of Prevention and Empowerment)….”

IVC: A closer connection to God through serving others, The Tidings, July 20,2012
“Being an IVC volunteer has added to my spiritual life,” said Ken Gregorio. “My favorite part is getting together with the group. It connects us and makes us a corps, sharing significant experiences and trying to do some reflection.”

Ignatian Volunteer Corps brings spiritual dimension to service, The Boston Pilot, June 8, 2012
“Before joining the IVC, Cristina Nelson used her doctorate in history to teach as an adjunct professor for more than 12 years. She said she began to feel ‘burnt out’ with that line of work and took time off to make a transition away from the front lines of education.” She found IVC New England.

Jim Sweany: Volunteer Extraordinaire, Alumni in Action (Blog for the Loyola University Chicago), April 30, 2012
IVC Chicago’s own Jim Sweaney shares his story with his former (and now current) university and explains why he joined IVC.

The Morning Blend, Channel 3, Omaha, NE
On Monday, February 20th, Regional Director Becky Ehrman appeared on Channel 3′s The Morning Blend to talk about IVC in Omaha and promote our upcoming event “Lent is for Listening.” You can watch Becky here.

Living the Mission
Holy Cross Magazine, Winter 2012
Who knew so many Holy Cross grads were part of IVC? Numerous alumni speak to their experience with IVC in the Winter 2012 edition of Holy Cross Magazine in a feature article.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps members make a difference for others
TheCatholicSpirit.com, December 7, 2011
“Ginny Walzer works six hours per day, two days a week. Cheryl Dugan works a total of about 600 hours each year. Both work in professional jobs—but neither receives even a penny for their work….”

Maturity Values
Universitas, Summer 2011
The Saint Louis University’s alumni magazine, Universitas, featured three of our volunteers:Michael Doherty is a former heart valve sales representative now tutoring at Holy Trinity Catholic School. Timothy Grosch, a retired corporate attorney, and wife Jolene Grosch, a pediatric physical therapist, give their time at Haven of Grace, a homeless shelter for pregnant women. And Saralou Hendrickson, who was an emergency response supervisor and is now a clinical nursing instructor, volunteers at Casa de Salud, a clinic for Latino immigrants.

Making a Difference: Volunteers Offers the Gift of Service
Rhode Island Catholic, August 18, 2011
Read about the impact that volunteers make throughout the diocese of Providence featuring Ignatian Volunteer, Larry Loh. He states:

“I became a volunteer because, at this stage of my life, I feel a need to give back,” he said. “I also have a selfish reason for volunteering. I miss work and the social interaction in working with people. I’ve always enjoyed belonging to an organization, working on a team, focusing on a common mission. My role here at the Genesis Center is one of financial counseling—to individuals or families who are struggling to secure employment and gain some form of financial stability.”

Ignatian Volunteers Discover New Horizons
Jesuits, Summer 2011
Wonderful article from Mary Geraldine Harrington about Ignatian Volunteers (Bernie Small, Barbara Lee & Ed Sommerfeldt) and Spiritual Reflectors (Si Smith, SJ, Jim Martin, SJ & Sr. Catherine Gugerty, SSND) working in the New England, New York and Maryland Jesuit Provinces.

The Returns of Preparing Returns
Philadelphia Inquirer, April 12, 2010
IVC Philadelphia Volunteer George Davis impacts the lives of his clients at the St. Catherine Laboure Clinic.

Looking for Meaningful Volunteer Opportunties? Try the IVC
Loyola University Alumni Newsletter, March 2010
Loyola University Maryland pastoral counseling alum Carol Rice, M.A. ’98 shares her IVC volunteer experiences in Baltimore and encourages fellow alums to try IVC.

Perfect equation: Retired math professor helps homeless get back on their feet
The Erickson Tribune, February 2010
Ed Sommerfeldt teaches math and computer skills at Christopher Place Employment Academy, a residential program through Our Daily Bread providing education and training as well as emotional, spiritual, and addiction recovery support to formerly homeless men. He also serves as a mentor and helps with resume writing and job searches.

Jesuit Father Jim Martin presented with Ignatian Volunteer Corps’ Della Strada Award
National Jesuit News, October 29, 2009
The New York/New Jersey region presented its third annual Della Strada award on October 22, 2009 to Fr. Jim Martin. This award honors those whose work & lives reflect the Ignatian values of direct service to the poor, and of working and educating for a more just society.

Contemplation in Action
Catholic Sun, May 14-20, 2009
IVC comes back to Syracuse as part of a pilot program for small cities. Regional Director Tom Coman notes that individuals who are interested in volunteer work that integrates spirituality may find IVC particularly appealing.

Loyola High honored by L.A. Ignatian Volunteer Corps
The Tidings.com, May 8, 2009
The Los Angeles Regional Council of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC Los Angeles) honored Loyola High School at its 2009 Madonna Della Strada Reception

Ignatian Volunteer Corps thanks senior citizens for their service
My Catholic Standard, May 5, 2009
Ignatian Volunteer Paula Roberts, syndicated columnist and TV moderator Mark Shields, and Suzanne Geaney, the executive director of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps, were among the speakers at the third annual “Evening of Gratitude” for IVC Washington DC/ Metropolitan Maryland and IVC Nothern Virginia regions.

Nicaragua mission trip inspires Catholics to act
TheCatholicSpirit.com, April 1, 2009
In June 2008, eight people, including IVC Minneapolis/St. Paul Volunteer Lee Moisant, traveled to Nicaragua to learn about the work of Catholic Relief Services in that country and to better understand how Fair Trade impacts coffee farmers, artisans and their communities.

Regina Alumnae at Our Lady of Tepeyac _IVC Chicago
In Black & White, Spring 2009
IVC Chicago volunteer Nikki Gateway was featured in Regina Dominican’s alumnae newsletter. Regina Dominican is a college preparatory Catholic school for women in Wilmette, Illinois.

Ignatian Volunteers ‘find God in all things’
The Catholic Review, March 5, 2009
Read more about IVC in Baltimore… “Our focus is to really look at the volunteer experience in light of how we see God in that experience with clients and in the work the volunteers are doing,” Ms. Vichi said. “This process helps the volunteers discover the deeper meaning of the work they do and see Christ more clearly as they labor among their brothers and sisters who are poor.”

Ignatian Volunteers Find Most Important Work May Begin After Retirement
Catholic New York, December 18, 2008
IVC was featured in the Catholic New York in a four-part series called Lay Ecclesial Movements and New Communities.

New director, regional office for Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Arlington Catholic Herald, December 2, 2008
IVC Washington DC/ N. Virginia is split into a Northern Virginia office and a D.C./Metro Maryland branch, and Joseph E. “Joe” Jones comes aboard as the new regional Director.

Deeper involvement: Combining spirituality with volunteerism is hopeful faith-based effort
The Providence Journal, October 4, 2008
IVC is organizing in New England!

Serving Wherever the Need is Greatest_Partners Magazine_Fall 2008_Chicago
Partner’s Magazine, Fall 2008
IVC Chicago Volunteer Bill Koloseike teaches English at Family Focus, a comprehensive family support system for Spanish-speaking families that provides everything from after-school programs to counseling. Bill serves as a motivation for those he educates, reiterating to them that hard work and education go hand in hand.

Mundelein Alumnae_Linkage_Fall 2008_Chicago
Linkage, The Spirit of Mundelein, Fall 2008
Mundelein College Alumnae share their IVC experiences.

Cooking Up Some Faith_Catholic Telegraph_9.12.08_Cincy
The Catholic Telegraph, September 2008
The most rewarding aspect of Pat Dillon’s work at Cincinnati Cooks is is “witnessing the students’ joy and sense of accomplishment as they progress through the training program.”

JB Spring-Summer 2008 IVC article
The Jesuit Bulletin, Spring/Summer 2008
Regional Director Sean Agniel discusses the growth of IVC St. Louis and the fulfillment volunteers find through service.

Fr. Watters Honored at Ignatian Volunteer Corps Ceremony
The Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus News, April 2008
On April 10th 2008 the Ignatian Volunteer Corps presented its first National Della Strada Award to Fr. Bill Watters, SJ, at a ceremony at Loyola Blakefield. For pictures of the event, click here.

Volunteer Work with a Spiritual Dimension_The Beacon
The Beacon, February 2008
Baltimore volunteers John O’Hagan and Nancy Fitzgerald discuss their work at St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center and Catherine’s Hearth.

Asking for Direction_US Catholic_Dec 07
U.S. Catholic, December 1, 2007
IVC New York volunteers Bill Buckley and Ed Stankiewicz explain why they volunteer with IVC.

Fr. Mike Kennedy: Prayer and Social Justice at Delores Mission
The Tidings, October 19, 2007
Fr. Mike Kennedy, SJ is honored by the Ignatian Volunteer Corps in LA with the 2007 Della Strada Award.

Increased Spirituality and Social Awareness Top Effects of Ignatian Volunteer Corps, Says Recent Study
Christian News Wire, October 2, 2007
Findings of “The Impact of Service on Spirituality: A Survey of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps,” conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University

Glimpses of Heartache, and Stories of Survival – New York Times
New York Times, September 3, 2007
Ignatian Volunteer Richard Reilly describes his work researching adoption achives with the New York Foundling.

Over 50 and willing to do hard work_8.4.06_Camden
Catholic Star Herald, August 4, 2006
A look at IVC volunteers in the Diocese of Camden.

A Week in the Life of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Partner’s Magazine, Spring 2006
“Retirees 50 and over connect with the Jesuit tradition to serve where the need is greatest and find God in all things.”

Ignatian Volunteer Corps seeks new members_2.14.06_Cincy
The Catholic Telegraph, April 14, 2006
Cincinnati native and new IVC Regional Director, Sam Schloemer, describes how the IVC program is getting started in Cincinnati

Lifetime Prep for Todays Mission_3.2.06_WashNoVa
Catholic Herald, March 3, 2006
Two days after Jim Kelly (right) retired from the State Department, he began to serve two days a week at the Lamb Center in Fairfax as a member of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC).

Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps comes to LA
The Tidings, September 2, 2005
Jennifer Mangali had never heard of the Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps until she was working on her master’s degree in theology earlier this year at Jesuit-run Loyola Marymount University. But since April, the 30-year-old South Bay resident has also been working to kick-start the innovative volunteer program here in Los Angeles.

Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps of Retirees Work for Better World
Jesuit USA News, June 17, 2005
The Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps (ILVC) has come to the Newark Archdiocese.

Retired serve Christ in ministering to the poor and less fortunate
The Catholic Advocate, April 20, 2005
The Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps (ILVC) has come to northern and central New Jersey, tapping into one of our finest resources: the wisdom and experience of our senior citizens.

The Most Important Work of My Life
Partners Magazine, Winter 2003
An interview with Maureen Treanor of the Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps

Finding God in All Things
Innovations, Vol. 6, Summer 2003
Civic Ventures, an organization devoted to expanding opportunities for elder Americans to make a contribution to society, features the Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps in their latest issue. On the Innovations web page, scroll down to the issue entitled “Finding God in All Things: Ignatian Lay Volunteer Corps.” The page contains links to the issue’s photo gallery and text.