Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Why a member of IVC’s service corps?

IVC service corps members are:

  • Experienced—Ignatian Volunteers have experience in the workplace and are accustomed to resolving problems, interfacing with others, reporting to supervisors and/or supervising others and, most of all, using their life-long talents wisely and effectively.
  • Committed—Ignatian Volunteers commit to work with and support the needs of materially poor people, two days a week, ten months of the year, sharing their unique skills that contribute to the organization’s mission.
  • Reliable—Ignatian Volunteers have a sense of maturity and dependability that allows them to take on substantial responsibilities at their service sites.
  • Supported—The IVC program provides a range of spiritual supports to help sustain the Volunteer throughout the year. Volunteers have personal, one-on-one and region-wide activities which help them find the meaning in their volunteer service.

The IVC Program volunteers have been a valued asset to East Side Neighborhood Services (ESNS), especially during these times of economic challenge and uncertainty.  Funding shifts and reductions have left organizations like ESNS scrambling for fewer available resources to address the expanding needs of those we serve.  The addition of highly skilled, strategically placed IVC volunteers has allowed us to support senior programs despite this resource reduction.  We are grateful for IVC and see this program as a critical connection to the growing number of retirees who are compelled to use their skills to benefit those who are less fortunate.

Susan McCauley

Associate Director, East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

We are grateful for Nick O’Neill’s presence among us and know that his help is a catalyst for change and for hope in the lives of the young men entrusted to us.

Brother Thomas Casey, FSC

Executive Director, The De La Salle School Freeport, New York