Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Partner with IVC

Our partnership with IVC has been a tremendous blessing to Friendship Place. We’d be hard-pressed to find a volunteer with (Tom’s) level of expertise elsewhere, and we couldn’t afford to pay for the help he gives us. His contribution helps us serve more than 400 homeless men and women a year on a shoestring budget.

Jean-Michel Giraud

Executive Director, Community Council for the Homeless, Friendship Place

Nonprofit organizations require more help than ever as people turn to them for support.  While the need is great, funding for qualified staff is tight. Ignatian Volunteers help organizations stretch their budgets to serve more people in need.

The Ignatian Volunteer Corps partners with community organizations, agencies and programs that we call “Service Sites.” These sites are nonprofit works that are interested in obtaining an Ignatian Volunteer to serve with them 2 days a week (or the equivalent).

About 90% of Ignatian Volunteers have college degrees, and 60% percent have post-graduate degrees. Some Volunteers use their specialized professional skills (think nursing, teaching, legal work, etc…) while other Volunteers are open to new works, offering themselves to where they are most needed and using their transferable skills for the mission of the Service Site.    Along with their wealth of knowledge and experience, they also bring new energy and enthusiasm to their volunteer work.

It is not uncommon for a Service Site to request additional Ignatian Volunteers after its first year as an IVC partner.  IVC recruits year-round for new Volunteers.

Read more about the benefits of Ignatian Volunteers or what we look for in a partner organization. Or if you would like to discuss applying to become an IVC partner Service Site please contact the Regional Director in your area.  Click on Locations for a list of IVC regions.