Volunteer of the Year

IVC Milwaukee Service Corps member Anne Curley – Seton Catholic Schools

In 2017-18, IVC member Anne Curley gave her year of service as a reading tutor for 3 children at St. Catherine school on 51st and Center Street in Milwaukee. Anne was greatly moved by the goodness of the children and their need for individual help. Inspired, she made a proposal to expand tutoring to more children. She reached out through her own network of neighbors, friends and parish contacts and recruited 15 additional volunteers for the 2018-19 school year. The program was a great success. In 2019-20 a second school was added, St. Rafael, and the tutor corps grew from 15 to 30 tutors. In 2020-21 four Seton schools will be served by the IVC Reading Tutoring Program. Over 300 students will receive weekly, one-on-one tutoring from a caring adult. From a small beginning with one IVC volunteer a successful and robust reading tutoring program has blossomed. Congratulations to Anne and IVC Milwaukee for this wonderful recognition.