Welcome to IVC Chicago

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IVC Chicago began in September 2001 with twelve volunteers whose prior occupations ranged from fire chief and postal worker to business executive and nurse. They volunteered as hospital and prison chaplains, teachers’ aides, and GED instructors at nine service agencies.

In 2017-18, there are 65 volunteers serving in close to 50 partner agencies. Volunteers in Chicago are working with youth and young adults in education and mentoring programs, refugee and immigrant services, women’s and children’s services and hospital and prison ministry. They provide healthcare and food assistance and work in hunger and homeless services. They serve the elderly and disabled.

Regional director Maura Rogan describes a typical volunteer as someone who is “committed to serving others and to reflecting on God’s presence and power in their volunteer service and in all aspects of their life.”

IVC Chicago 2017-18

1st row (L to R): Maura Rogan, Charles Lynch, Becky Mulkerrin (no longer with IVC), Susan Carsello, Susan Olenski; Domenica Moroney, Peggy Cunniff, Mary Ellen Smajo, Mary Amelse; 2nd row (L to R): Tim O’Brien, Kathleen Joyce, Edna Lubuguin, Marta Sayeed, Camille Devaney, Joan Brennan, Susan McGowan, Barbara Flynn, Sharon Zandell, Patricia Burke, Mary Frances Jablonskis, Marilyn Russo, Peter Amelse 3rd row (L to R): Kenneth Campagna, Joan Dixey, Frani Luehrs, Mike Tyrrell, Gary Gardner, Mike Philipp, Andy Gore, John VanVranken, Mike Galbreath, Paul Krug; 4th row (L to R): Peter Goschy, Jeanne Schuett, Ruth Terry, Don Gimbel, Keith Schoenberger, George Casson, Jorge Caicedo, Sheryl Ann Marcoullier; top row (L to R): Richard Shea, Robert Kielian, Rich Pozdol, John Meade, Patrick McCourt, Michael Schrauth, Mark Avery; Gerald Noonan, Charles Malatesta, James McLaughlin. Missing from photo: Mick Basila, John Conniff, Fr. Jim Dixon, SJ, Kathleen Donnelly, OP, Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Hope Gillespie, Patrice Johannes, Maureen Kennedy Barney ,Kate Kniest, William Kniest, Charles Lucas, Sue Lucas, Michael McGillicuddy, Susan McHugh, Don McKay, Fr. Jack O’Callaghan, SJ, Richard Sibbernsen, James Sweany, George Valentine.