Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

IVC Syracuse Member Profile

My name is John M. (right), I have been an IVC service corps member for over ten years. I joined after retiring from a 40-year career in sales. My volunteer placement is at Catholic Charities Emergency Services in downtown Syracuse. I love it. There is always plenty of action and countless ways to help people. The volunteers with whom I work, are outstanding, including Hank C. (left), also an IVC service corps member. Our place is busy and filled with folks who need our assistance.

Once a month the Syracuse IVC volunteers meet at Le Moyne College to compare notes, as well as to discuss the current readings. I sense that all our volunteers are enthusiastic about their work.

I was fortunate to attend a Jesuit high school and college. In part due to IVC, I now understand more clearly what the Jesuits were teaching in our philosophy classes many years ago.

John M.
IVC Syracuse, Service Corps Member
Catholic Charities – Emergency Services