Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Spiritual Reflector

A Spiritual Reflector provides one-on-one companionship with individual volunteers.  In these private conversations, the centering reflection is on the volunteer work itself and on the contact with persons who are poor. It is in the “good works” of the volunteer’s experiences, in company with the poor, that God’s presence is felt and personal transformation occurs.

The spiritual reflection conversation is greatly enhanced by the volunteer’s keeping a personal journal. Journaling provides “grist” for the conversation. The reflector helps broaden the experience by talking about relationships, making connections, asking questions, providing scriptural references, and by making comparisons with the volunteer’s prior work and life experiences.

Spiritual Reflectors make every effort to encourage the gifts of the volunteers and to reflect with them on how they are able to contribute to the service site’s work and in their contact with persons who are poor. A valuable exchange between the reflector and the volunteer might include the sharing of personal insights, discussion about the value of spiritual reflection, and the discovery of the meaning behind the experience.

The reflection is the essential part, because… you really can get very burnt out and sucked dry. It’s coming together as a group to pray and then to have your one-on-one reflection monthly that keeps you going. We discuss the difficult challenges as well as the joys in finding the presence of Christ in the work we’re doing.

Kathleen Spreen

IVC San Diego, as quoted in The Tidings