Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Strengthening, Rebuilding, and Healing Communities through Service and Spirituality

by | Sep 2, 2021

Requests from social service providers, churches, schools, and other charities for IVC corps members have increased 85% over the past five years. IVC will, as always, be accomplishing its goals through a robust network of Service Partner Agencies throughout the country. The COVID crisis has only exacerbated the great needs of the poor and oppressed.

IVC aims to address gaps in service provision and education achievement exacerbated by the global pandemic. As America begins to rebuild from this unprecedented economic blow, demand from social service partners for IVC service corps members has increased rapidly. IVC must be part of the nonprofit front lines working with those impacted by the recession and trauma caused by COVID-19. As we ramp up recruitment efforts to meet this challenge, we need additional resources to grow our service corps.

To meet the growing demand for IVC Service Corps Members and to take advantage of the increased numbers of men and women seeking to make their retirement years full with meaningful experiences and service, IVC seeks to raise $3 million in additional funding to expand operational capacity throughout the organization.

Thanks to a generous response to date, we have raised over $2.2 million, reached certain milestones in improving operational capacity, and begun partnerships with several Jesuit colleges and universities. The last months of COVID-19 and economic uncertainty underscore the need for IVC to continue to scale up to meet the needs of our more than 300 social service partners working on the front lines with those impacted by these two crises.

Campaign Goals

Sustain the trajectory of growth of the service corps in the next three years
to 1,000 members. Service corps members supply the workforce needed to
bring back marginalized communities and provide the structure for those communities
to sustain themselves. In retirement, corps members are presented with
an opportunity to give back with their time and experience. They are primed to
be leaders of change by offering vital resources to organizations, churches and
schools that are at the heart of these communities.

Fully Implement IVC’s Currie Alumni Partners for Service (CAPS) program. Through partnerships with Jesuit Colleges and Universities this IVC initiative engages alumni in mission of service to people seeking to overcome poverty and marginalization reflecting the call of St. Ignatius to live the gospel call of Christ and provide acts of love in practical deeds of service. Their service will carry forth the gift of their Jesuit education and their life’s professional and personal experience to serve people in communities of need. Jesuit education lived out in service for others and the expansion of a just world was the legacy of the life of Fr. Charlie Currie, SJ. The CAPS program carries this legacy forward in the IVC mission.

Build operational capacity in key support areas including advancement,
technology, human resources, marketing and communications, as well as build
an operating reserve fund to manage revenue streams and long-term planning.

The IVC Difference

Skills & Experiences. Members of IVC’s service corps offer a lifetime of skills and experiences to those in need. The Women and men of IVC serve in partner agencies as teachers, career counselors, employment coaches, health care professionals, counselors, legal assistants, and many other roles. They enhance operations of agencies, maximizing the value of our nonprofit partners’ missions.

Commitment. Members of IVC’s service corps make an annual commitment of 1-2 days each week, 10 months a year, to their service assignment so agencies can place them in professional-level positions, give them substantive work, and rely on their service. Their work, commitment, and dedication often sustained for years, greatly enhance the capacity of organizations to serve more people despite limited resources.

Spirituality. IVC supports Ignatian Volunteers through monthly gatherings, regular retreats, journaling opportunities, and one-to-one meetings with a trained spiritual companion, providing a structure for enriching spiritual reflection based on Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality. This unique model nurtures corps members’ faith and supports the longevity of their service.

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