Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Partner Agencies

Watch local non-profit community leaders discuss their partnership with the Ignatian Volunteer Corps of NEPA

Why an Ignatian Volunteer?  Click here for our informational brochure

IVC Volunteers are:

Experienced – Ignatian Volunteers have experience in the workplace, are accustomed to resolving problems, interfacing with others, reporting to supervisors and/or supervising others and, most of all, using their life-long talents wisely and effectively.

Committed – Ignatian Volunteers commit to work one or two days a week, ten months of the year, to enhance a partner agency’s mission.

Reliable – Ignatian Volunteers are mature and dependable, allowing them to take on substantial responsibilities.

Supported – IVC provides regular, on-going individual and networking support, which helps volunteers find deeper meaning in their volunteer service and sustains their work.

We are excited to welcome to our Friends of the Poor ministry our new Ignatian Volunteer who brings a unique combination of life experience, passion for justice, and desire to serve.

Sister Ann Walsh

President & CEO, Friends of the Poor

The opportunity to partner with IVC immediately enhances our organizational capacity with focused, skilled, and committed volunteers to provide a helping hand, not a hand out, to our neighbors in need.

Jesse Ergott

President & CEO, NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania

We are truly blessed to be joined by an Ignatian Volunteer- one who encompasses both the wealth of life experience and who can serve as an adult role model for our students.

Bob Angeloni

President, Nativity Miguel School of Scranton

Women’s Resource Center is privileged to be selected to participate in the Ignatian Volunteer Corps of NEPA.  The Volunteers are dedicated to transforming lives and that mission is a perfect fit for our work.

Peg Ruddy

Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center

Ready for an IVC Volunteer?

To maximize the best, and most beautiful, match between a partner agency and Ignatian Volunteer, IVC requires the following:

  1. Your mission directly serves people who are materially poor or addresses structures causing poverty;
  2. You provide a job description and opportunity one or two days/week, ten months/year, which uses the Ignatian Volunteer’s skills and experiences;
  3. You designate a current staff person to orient, support, and supervise the Ignatian Volunteer;
  4. Your organization’s operational standards demonstrate a deep respect for the dignity of all; and
  5. Your organization is willing to provide appropriate orientation/trainings, liability coverage, and safety precautions.

Partnership Fee

Ignatian Volunteers work entirely on a voluntary basis. IVC asks for a financial commitment, an annual, modest partnership fee, for IVC to recruit and form volunteers. The partnership fee helps provide year-round and on-going support to IVC volunteers.