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Endowed  with a generosity of spirit, these men and women for others offer our communities a wide range  of life experiences and the invaluable gift of their lived wisdom. They spend two days a week sharing these gifts and in return, receive the rich rewards of their service.

In their words….

After 33 years at The New York Times, Jane Vardy began service as an Ignatian Volunteer at St Aloysius Elementary School where she hoped to make a difference in someone’s life and to give back.




“The irony is that the difference in someone’s life has been my own and the ‘give back’ has been to me.” 

Jane Vardy, Ignatian Volunteer, NYC





“IVC service has given me a fresh perspective on life. After 35 years in business, my IVC service has provided me with an opportunity to meet new people, become involved with new endeavors and look at life from a new vantage point.”  

J. Langdon, Ignatian Volunteer, NYC



“I began an after-school test prep group at Cathedral High School where many of the girls are from homes where English is not the primary language. What surprised me was the sheer joy I found spending time with these girls… Chinese, Hispanic, African- American, Vietnamese. I learned a lot about helping them build their vocabularies, about joy in giving and peace in community. I receive so much more than I give.”

Julie McGee, Ignatian Volunteer, NYC






IVC’s Spiritual Enrichment Program is rooted in:

  • monthly gatherings
  • days of recollection
  • book discussions and study
  • individual meetings with a spiritual reflector (guide) who assists in personalizing the meaning of one’s volunteer experience




“It’s nice to have company on my spiritual journey.”

Nancy Gordon, Ignatian Volunteer, NJ






“My IVC experience is like coming out of the dark woods on the high cliff path in Devon into brilliant life.  In the warmth of the sun with the endless beauty of the sea before me, I feel that I am wrapped in the love of God.”

Mary Aschcroft, Ignatian Volunteer, Cristo Rey High School, NYC






“IVC has provided me with formation, community and support.  It gifts my spiritual journey with direction, opportunities for growth and wonderful fellow travelers.”  

Judy Hardin, Ignatian Volunteer, NJ






“Good works, strong spirituality, good fellowship, good books: does life get any better than this?  I think not!”

Mary Freedman, Ignatian Volunteer, NYC

If you would be interested in learning more about joining our community of Ignatian Volunteers, please contact us at 917.609.8163 or at newyork@ivcusa.org.