Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

With one foot raised – Meet Spiritual Reflector Ann Hodgson

by | Jun 23, 2023

Ann Hodgson is a Spiritual Reflector for IVC Albany and is part of the team that plans the monthly prayerful gatherings for the IVC Albany community.  Ann and her husband, John, live in Guilderland and are parishioners of Christ the King Church. 

God certainly puts us where we need to be! A few years ago, I got a call from Kate Burgess, a former colleague, asking if I would consider becoming part of the IVC team in Albany. My first reaction was: “What a great opportunity to get back together with Kate since I retired in 2003!” Little did I know how much more it would mean to become part of this faith-filled, generous, and deeply caring community. It has been a privilege to share with all of you our common faith, our longings and questions, and the many ways our service to others touches our own lives.

As a reflector, I have been blessed to listen to how deeply people are committed to lives of prayer and service. The stories shared are much like the Gospel stories that tell us how hearts are transformed by recognizing God’s presence in even the smallest events of their lives. How often God is found in the most unexpected places! Faithfulness to prayer and reflection is the foundation of IVC service. Coming together monthly as a community strengthens us as we see how God is working in and through all of us.

Helping with planning and being a part of IVC has been so much more than a happy reunion with a coworker. I’ve been more faithful to my own prayer because I know others are being faithful (accountability helps!). I am more open about my own journey and continue to grow in appreciation of how God works in and with us in exactly the way we each need. To pray and work together, to be accepted and trusted to hear others’ joys and struggles, and to recognize God’s presence in all of our lives is a great gift. I know I am not alone and feel secure in sharing my own faith story. We hold one another’s stories in our hearts. We are for one another, as we are for God, and gratitude is our song!

Ann Hodgson