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Like all schools in the US, Christ the King (CTK) College Prep has had to adapt to online learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the 32 Jesuit Cristo Rey schools in the US, CTK is located in inner city Chicago and serves the local population by providing innovative college preparatory education.

Two of IVC Chicago’s SCMs —Tim O’Brien and Donna Ioppolo – have quickly transitioned from being onsite with the students and staff to supporting the school as it establishes its E-learning platform.

IVC Chicago Service Corps Member Donna Ioppolo, working from home to support the students and staff at Christ the King Jesuit High School.

Tim, a four-year IVC volunteer at CTK, assists students in the Work/Study Program. Cristo Rey schools offer robust corporate partnerships that allow students to work and be supervised in real-world corporate environments in addition to their daily academic schoolwork. He checked in to let us know what he’s working on now: “I am assisting staff on-line to prepare ‘best practices’ education since the students can’t be at their work sites. I will also continue my role in college counseling, working remotely with students.”

Donna is also working from home on Work/Study assignments maintaining the database and evaluating supervisory feedback for each student. She then provides the E-learning Work/Study instructors with specific areas for student professional development. She is grateful knowing she can provide focused feedback to help the students grow. She also appreciates the opportunities for growth that her placement provides to her: “I’m learning too!  I’ve used Google Hangouts and Zoom for meetings this week, my first experience with these platforms.”

Both Donna and Tim are also meeting with the committee that provides a summer business training program and curriculum for incoming 8th graders to help bridge the gap to freshman year. They look forward in hope to the CTK class of 2024 beginning their journey in the fall, ready for the challenges ahead.

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