Right before my Eyes

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by R.J. Moritz

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I look out the window and see

What is right before my eyes

There is nothing more to see


I see the red geranium

Hanging in the cool morning air

I see the spotted fawn

Jump gracefully into the woods

I see the squirrels

Scamper from tree to tree

While the hummingbird

Flashes through the breeze


I see the beauty and wonder

Of all you have to give

I see you in the stillness

Right before my eyes


In these moments

These fleeting moments

I am one



R.J. Moritz is a second year Ignatian Volunteer in St. Louis, MO.  This poem came out of his reflections at the IVC Annual Retreat and from his meetings with Spiritual Reflector Fr. Ralph Huse S.J.  “The Mississippi River flows beneath the bluffs of the retreat center and thanks to Fr. Ralph’s advice I like to sit and watch the waters flow by and see what happens,” Moritz writes.

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  1. Dick Horwitt

    Wow! I am envious in a good sort of way, and would love to have that experience sometime myself. Thanks for sharing.


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