Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Message from Mary McGinnity, Executive Director

by | Dec 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

I am going to invite you to be part of a miracle this Christmas.

Your single charitable contribution to IVC will reach over 350  organizations serving low income communities across the country.  Through IVC your charity multiplies!

With your Christmas gift to IVC, your gift will counsel, educate, defend, house, clothe, and feed the forgotten and marginalized in 20 cities across the United States through the placement of IVC volunteers in agencies that have real impact on poverty and transform the lives of people seeking to overcome that poverty and marginalization.

We love the placements where our dedicated and skilled IVC corps members serve.  These organizations — large and small — are remarkable places that lift each person who comes to them in need and supports them in their journey to become who God intends them to be.  Through your support to IVC you support all these organizations and the tens of thousands of people they help.

Here’s what one agency director said of IVC’s role in their mission:

“We have an IV providing pastoral care at an elderly residence community. Another is in our English as a Second Language program. And a third is teaching math and getting adult students ready for GED and employment. The beauty about the partnership between IVC and Catholic Charities is that whatever a volunteer has skill and an interest in, we have a need, meaningful experience and opportunity to work in that area.”

                                — Bill McCarthy, Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Baltimore

When you give a Christmas gift this year to IVC,  you enable us to continue to provide all these remarkable agencies with the special men and women of IVC.  Your gift is gift to all of them at once!

Your gift will bring the light of Christ and your own compassion and love into some of the areas of darkness, division and struggle in our country.  That light heals.

Let your Christmas gift be a miracle that spreads that light broadly and is one that endures throughout the year.

May you and those you cherish have a holy Advent season and may your Christmas love bring you joy and all good things in the New Year.  And from all of us at IVC, thank you for your gift!