Love helps pass the test!

by | May 11, 2021

Love helps pass the test!

Commitment to education is in Martha Malloy’s blood. Over the years, she has served various roles in Catholic adult education and formation as she traveled around the country with her husband’s Air Force career, raising four children in the process. When her husband retired, they settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Martha retired in 2016 and joined IVC in 2017 in a service placement with the Archdiocesan schools. After a year, she changed placements to work with Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Services, helping immigrants in their final preparations for the US citizenship test.

The language of love and support is key to her service role as she works with people from all over the world. “Some come with good English skills, like the Congolese couple, Marcel and Migrette, I’ve been helping recently,” Martha says, (photo pre-COVID!) “but my newest student, a woman from Myanmar has a disabled husband and five children. She hasn’t had much time to become as proficient. It’s a challenge, but one I enjoy. I feel so privileged to help these people at this pivotal point in their long journey.”

When asked what she has learned, Martha reflects: “It is such a small world and we all share dreams of a better life. The immigration system is complex and it takes a long time and hard work and disappointments along the way for these people to get to the final test — one that I might add would be challenging for a lot of Americans to pass! You learn their stories and get attached to them. It is gratifying to see them succeed and move on to a new life. They are so appreciative. It is an honor to be able to demonstrate welcome and support.”

When asked about the role IVC plays in her life, Martha shares, “IVC has been such a gift for me and I am so grateful.  Not only did they help me find the placements that fit my skill set and that give me joy, but they also support me in the process.  We share our work experiences and pray together during monthly reflection meetings and I love the community and support we give each other.”