Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

IVC Omaha Members Become Family

by | Aug 14, 2023

It is easy to see why service corps members Gene and Kathy Schwarting are a valued part of the Saint Peter and Paul School community.  Former principal, Andrew Bauer, who is now serving as the Executive Director for the Omaha Consortium Schools shares this about his experience with IVC: “Our Ignatian Volunteer Corps volunteers has been a tremendous blessing to our school community. The best part about IVC is that  it creates a synergy between the volunteers and their placement site; we get to benefit from the gifts and talents of our volunteers, which perfectly matched our organization’s needs, and our volunteers not only get to have the experience of knowing their gifts and talents are making a tremendous difference on our school community, but also, and more importantly, they have become an integral part of our school community.”  

Kathy shares that “Knowing that IVC members are praying for each other and that we would be willing to step up and help each other is a good, good feeling. Our school’s and IVC’s mission folds beautifully into our own spirituality.”  And Gene adds, “Being at the school for six years now, we have watched these kids grow up and even helped the teacher to encourage them to participate. I have always taught Math and helped to kids from one grade to the next. Our monthly meets are special because ee are a cohesive group, that is welcoming and accepting, plus we are part of the larger Jesuit community in Omaha.”

Craig Collins is an IVC member at St. Bernard’s Catholic community. He says “IVC is a dynamic faith community that has enabled me to take what I hear at mass and live it out.” His supervisor at St. Bernard’s praises Craig’s professionalism in his volunteer role stating “Craig connects with families, teachers, administrators, and especially with our students.  We are so fortunate to have him.”