Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam . . . arising from a couch?!

by | Jun 10, 2024

Frank McDonnell, the very first IVC NEPA service corps member, firmly grasps the Ignatian philosophy of Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: For the Greater Glory of God. “Mickey’s” life-long desire to serve arises from an appreciation of how fortunate he has been in his own life, manifesting in acts of quiet kindness and moments of joy-filled smiles.

In his first two years with IVC, Mickey helped prepare and serve over 50,000 meals at the St. Francis of Assisi Soup Kitchen. For the past 5 years, Mickey served at the Recovery Bank – a peer driven recovery support center for persons and their loved ones experiencing addiction. In Mickey’s words, “the Recovery Bank is a place where people go to make the right change.”

In addition to serving in our local community, IVC members meet monthly to reflect and share their service experiences with other IVC members. This reflection experience allows us to see how the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of those around us . . . and amazingly enough . . . even in our own lives! Recalling our very first reflection meeting back in September 2017, Mickey shares the following:

Well, just five of us sat on these couches in my living room. We looked around and wondered what will become of this brand new IVC group. What were we going to do? Would anyone else want to join? I don’t recall much else about that meeting except how friendly everyone was and how we all wanted to grow spiritually.

Looking back almost seven years later, we sure did have others join . . . and moved the meetings out of my living room to a larger and very hospitable location at the IHM Center on Marywood’s Campus. We could have thirty or more members attend our monthly reflection meetings and these new members are just as cordial and friendly as the group of five that met in my living room. Moreover, these new members continue to do what they feel called to do, sharing our IVC ministry of service and reflection with our community.

IVC’s community, like a small Christian community, helped strengthen my spirituality. I am more aware of how we’re all here and answering God’s call. My wish for the next seven years is that we grow in numbers and in our spirituality.

Indeed, to us that know Mickey, he is exemplifies Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: For the Greater Glory of God.