Newest Developments

PeaceWorks Family Focus night at St. Rose School

Anne Wolfe and Mary Beth Leahy met with Lynn at the Center for Peacemaking to put together PeaceWorks activity packets. The gift packets were well planned with a printed message about Resilience building, seeds, soil, a planter cup with planting instructions, and cards with words of encouragement/positive affirmations.

PeaceWorks is teaching 4th – 6th graders how to challenge negative/bully thoughts and encourage positive thoughts. The lessons and activity packets tied in well with nurturing, growing, and caring for the seeds as well as their minds. Anne and Mary Beth met some of the children and families while witnessing the PeaceWorks staffs’ relationship with the kids, families, and school staff. They are doing great work in the community, and IVC volunteers are learning and growing through this service.