IVC Milwaukee and Marquette University Teaming Up

IVC Milwaukee and Marquette University are proud to announce a new partnership which will increase Marquette’s involvement with several Milwaukee organizations helping the underserved of Milwaukee. Marquette’s Office of Community Engagement are working with the IVC Milwaukee Leadership team to identify retired alumni, faculty and staff who desire to make a difference with their talents and background as well as explore their Christian faith through Ignatian spirituality.
This ideal partnership supports the Jesuit service mission of service of both the Ignatian Volunteer Corps and Marquette University. Additionally, Marquette Alumni throughout the country will have access to IVC programs in 21 cities.

1. Baltimore
2. Buffalo
3. Chicago
4. Cincinnati
5. Cleveland
6. DC/Metro Maryland
7. Denver
8. Detroit
9. Milwaukee
10. Minneapolis/St. Paul
11. New England

12. New York
13. Northern Virginia
14. Omaha
15. Philadelphia/NJ
16. Providence
17. San Diego
18. Scranton
19. St. Louis
20. Syracuse
21. Worcester

To learn more, contact Monica Meagher, Regional Director, mmeagher@ivcusa.org.