Experience Making a Difference

Experience Making a Difference

IVC New Orleans Member Profile: Cathy Storm

by | May 9, 2024

The lyrics of a Carrie Underwood song include the prayer:
“Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands
‘Cause I can’t do this on my own”

This is how Cathy Storm, IVCNO Service Corp Member describes her own prayer as began her first assignment at Loyola’s Center for Counseling and Education (LCCE). Cathy joined IVCNO in 2023 after retiring from a career with the LA Board of Medical Examiners, bringing experience as a registered nurse and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), both in which, among other things, she practiced case management.

Cathy became interested in IVC after seeing a feature story in the Clarion Herald (New Orleans’ Archdiocesan newspaper – see the article here). She was looking for a next step because she felt, although retired from work, she “did not retire from life.” Cathy sought a way to “give back” that utilized her experience and talents. When she applied to IVC Cathy had no preconceived expectations of where she would be placed; she truly trusted that God would lead her to where she needed to be.

Meanwhile, when LCCE received a $2.5 million grant to add children’s mental health services to their offerings, Dr. Denise Gilstrap, Director of LCCE, asked IVC to help connect her to an available service corps member (SCM) with mental health and case management experience.

So IVCNO got them together for an interview, and both felt Cathy was a natural fit. But Cathy first asked Jesus to provided her direction – contemplating a picture of Jesus she keeps on her desk and looks at often, she prayed that He would “take the wheel” and provide her with an answer. When she discerned Christ said “yes”, her association with Loyola’s Center began.

Cathy now strongly feels that God led her to be a part of IVCNO, and so does the LCCE staff! She makes a meaningful impact on their young clients, as well as on the LPC students she frequently mentors. The LCCE team greatly appreciates Cathy becoming a “go-to” team member; Dr. Gilstrap reports that she has been a true blessing to their organization.

Besides service, the appeal of IVC for Cathy is twofold. She loves the community of her fellow volunteers, a group she describes as passionate about serving the marginalized of society through their varied assignments. Additionally, Cathy relishes the spiritual component of IVC, particularly the private Mass offered at each monthly volunteer gathering, and time spent with her reflector, all of which has deepened her personal time with and trust in Jesus.

If you feel a calling to give back to those in society who might benefit from your skills and experience, if you hear Jesus guiding you to care for His people – listen up! Just as Cathy Storm did, you may find Jesus “taking the wheel from your hands” and guiding the next step in your life’s journey. Call IVCNO (504-264-3438) to inquire about this unique opportunity to build faith with Jesus and serve His people.