Expressing Our Gratitude for You

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Mass of Gratitude

Greetings to our IVC Community,

We express our deepest gratitude to you for the many ways you support IVC.  Thank you for sharing your time, talent and treasure with us!

We celebrate our national community with a spirit of abundant gratitude.  We will pray for you during a special IVC Mass of Gratitude this Friday, November 21, celebrated by Fr. Tim Kesicki, SJ, President of the US Jesuit Conference .

Fr. Kesicki will offer this Mass for the IVC Community and your intentions.  We invite you to  submit your prayer requests as a blog comment here or by sending an email to by Thursday.  We will pray for your intentions individually and place them at the altar  for prayer at the Mass of Gratitude.

We welcome this opportunity to unite our hearts and join together in prayer.  May this month of thanksgiving give us the opportunity to express our gratitude for all that we have been given  and to re-commit ourselves to selfless generosity, service to others and the healing of our human family.

With sincere gratitude,

Mary C. McGinnity
IVC National Executive Director

19 Responses to “Expressing Our Gratitude for You”

  1. Joan

    Please pray for my sons and their young families. A new grandchild will be born in January and my daughter-in-law had a difficult birth with their first child with an alarming infection afterwards. Please pray for her and pray that the upcoming delivery will be uneventful and that she and the little girl stay healthy.


    Please pray for the soul of Joseph Callahan and Anne Callahan. Also for a special intention.

  3. Annette Hegler

    Please pray for the souls of Thomas and Lucille Ersfeld. Pray for my daughter and her family so that they settle more easily into their new home and always for my son, so that he finds his way more easily in the world.

  4. John and Rosemary McGee

    Please pray for all those who are afraid or feel threatened by the campaign rhetoric and promises
    made during the recent election by the now president-elect.

  5. Franklin Fong

    Please pray for Christians who are persecuted around the world, for families who are separated from their loved ones, for those who carry personal burdens or sorrows, and for our country that the Holy Spirit may guide with mercy and compassion.

  6. Peggy O'Brien

    Prayers: for all of my family members currently suffering physical and mental health challenges;
    for the success of the Generations Alzheimer’s Clinical trials
    for the healing of divisions in the nation
    for world peace

  7. Jilma Fournier

    Please pray that my three grown children and their families practice their Catholic Faith and Peace in the world. Thank you

  8. Peggy O'Brien


    Prayers please for my daughter and her many challenges this coming year, for my son and his family and for my own health and for all of my support community.

  9. Rosemary

    Thank you for offering prayers for us. Pray for the souls of Jordan, Jimin, Robby, Tom, Junior, Joe. Pray for the safety of the many seafarers who help bring goods and services globally.


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