A Perfect Birthday Gift

by | Feb 7, 2017

by Tony Albrecht
The Phone rings
…Not another Vendor! I say
Good news, It’s my oldest son.
“Hey Dad,” he says
“where do you want to celebrate your birthday this year?”
Filled with good will at this unexpected question
I start to say “Here in Bethesda it’s closer for you,”
but out of nowhere my honest desire is spoken
and I say “Out in the mountains with you guys
helping with the chores.”
And he makes it happen.
On my birthday I’m scraping and priming the
south porch, he’s fixing the garden fence and
his brother is mowing hours on end
gentle sun and cool breezes caress us.
Later in the evening we decide to look for
shooting stars.
My boys take a blanket out onto the
lawn and lie side by side to watch
the stars.
Suddenly it comes to me that
these are the same stars that
Jesus watched and am comforted
to imagine that perhaps
their brother Jesus our Savior
is lying next to them
next to my boys.
Then my heart is full,
a perfect birthday gift!
Ignatian Volunteer Tony Albrecht wrote this poem on the Fall IVC Retreat.  To read more about Tony’s IVC service, click here.