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This blog post from Fr. William Barry, SJ, is a reflection on Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, written by Bryan Stevenson.  Ignatian Volunteers across the country are reading and reflecting in community on this book this year.  This piece is written on Chapter Fourteen: “Cruel and Unusual” and Chapter Fifteen: “Broken”. These… Read more »

Blessed Easter!

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by Linda Wihl   On Palm Sunday, Fr. Bob Thesing, SJ asked us to listen to the Passion Story with a new perspective, listen for some word or idea that might stand out.  They read a narrative gospel, “not word for word from the missal so listen don’t read along”.  The word that struck me… Read more »

Ignatian Resources in Uncertain Times

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by Rev. Brian O. McDermott, S.J. These days many folks living in the United States are wracked by fear and anxiety. They may be undocumented immigrants; they may fear that they will lose their medical insurance; they may be concerned that they will lose the modest home in which they presently live. The reasons for… Read more »