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Share My Joy

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Jesus said that he wanted his joy to be in others. (John 15.11) Can we “give” experiences of joy to people, or, can anyone cause another to become joyful? While we might not literally be able to take our joy and directly initiate the same response in someone else, true joy is positively infectious. That… Read more »

Mosaic of God’s Love

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by Louise Sandberg A tearful woman said, “I wasn’t going to come when I saw the snow, but I knew I had to be here. I had to do this for ME.” I feel her intensity, her pain, as she struggles to articulate the chasm between herself and her spouse. This retreat on forgiveness is… Read more »

What’s In a Name

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What’s in a name? In our culture, a lot.  We are encouraged to “go make a name for yourself” or to “see my name in lights”.  To do so means success and accomplishment. In contrast, as Christians we learn that to be called by name is not about fame, riches, or worldly power. To be… Read more »