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Christmas … A Time to Receive

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I hadn’t started Christmas shopping yet when Therese called and asked me to go with her to the Mall of America for Toddler Tuesday and we would share the fun of watching Liam in the stores, hit some rides and have lunch. I was really torn as I love to be with them but I… Read more »


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When we make pleas of any kind, we are usually under duress and often filled with concerns for ourselves arising from our neediness. When we say “please” in making a request, the focus moves beyond us, and takes into account our relationship with the persons we are asking, no matter how little or well we… Read more »

An Invitation to Give

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I have been a coordinator of volunteers since the age of eighteen; that’s 43 years! I have seen how vital volunteers are to the functioning of churches, agencies, hospitals, even government.  The safety net provided by volunteers strengthens our society and not only benefits those directly served, but all who live in communities enriched by… Read more »