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Walking with Pope Francis

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If we try to adopt a historical perspective on our development as Christians from the time of Jesus until today, we can note a few challenging factors. First, most of us grew up knowing more about church and church teaching than we ever did about Jesus Christ. Second, we were pretty sure we knew right… Read more »

Abbie’s Gratitude

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I don’t like to say goodbye but when a child turns three years of age, they are no longer eligible for services through early intervention.  Early intervention provides services to children who are at risk or who have been identified as having special needs.  During my year at early intervention there are many goodbyes as… Read more »

Shelter, Dignity and Prayer

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Preparing dinner, enjoying a long, hot shower or a good night’s rest often bring thoughts of Fr. Bill’s & Mainspring. This non-profit shelter in Brockton, MA is part of a network established 30 years ago by Fr. Bill McCarthy. It now includes two shelters (housing 225 guests per night), veteran’s and family homes, and a… Read more »