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Most of us associate the season of spring with fresh growth in plants, and the period of time that follows winter when the days grow apparently longer and brighter. Some do not readily associate this pleasing association of spring with the liturgical season of Lent. But the root of the word “Lent” means spring, with… Read more »


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In the pathways of sadness, sweetest lilies may grow: Let us sow seeds of gladness- let the joy overflow. – Eliza E. Hewitt   An insightful chapter by Fr. Greg Boyle in Tattoos on the Heart is on “gladness.”  The stories he shares bring the deep meaning of “gladness” to light.  Boyle has a gift… Read more »

A Snowshoe Walk

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In February, winter gifted us with an especially powerful snowstorm dropping fourteen inches in one day. At twilight, I put on some snowshoes and walked around the property. It was utterly quiet. At first I only heard the crunching of the snowshoes. Then a chickadee broke the silence. As I approached our small stream, mostly… Read more »