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Eucharist as Covenant Renewal

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Thank you to Fr. Charlie Currie, SJ for sharing this homily from our IVC Mass of Thanksgiving to close the All Staff Gathering on November 22nd. The Mass was offered on behalf of IVC’s friends and supporters and your intentions. It is a privilege to be celebrating with you as part of your All Staff… Read more »

God, in Whose Image We Are Made, Is Compassion

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This piece, by IVC Spiritual Reflector Fr. William Barry, SJ, is a reflection on the spiritual readings and guide being used by IVC volunteers across the country. I have been asked to write a reflection to accompany our reading of chapters two and three of Tattoos on the Heart. What follows is adapted from one… Read more »

The River of Life

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I was meeting Fr. “Bo” T. M. Lyons, spiritual director extraordinaire, for dinner at Hogwild, a great barbeque place. I had ordered the barbeque ribs and Fr. Bo was having the one pound plus barbeque pork chop. Father Bo was in a philosophical mood and started one of his discourses. “It occurs to me that… Read more »