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Airline flights between the Hawaiian Islands and the U.S. mainland are non-stop; there are no fueling places along the way, and the planes cannot land in the water. The Kolea, a golden plover, flies non-stop from Hawai’i to Alaska for the summer, and makes a return flight in the fall; a land bird, it is… Read more »

SOA Vigil

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It was that time of year again.   Time for me to consider attending the School of the Americas (SOA) Vigil.  It was always a busy time of year for me, and I wondered what difference would one person make anyway.   I had attended the last three years, made financial contributions by mail, and signed a… Read more »

Memory, Imagination and Prayer

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It was the early seventies, and the MacNamara family was on the road to Feakle from their home in Tulla, two small towns in County Clare, Ireland. The father drove while his two teenagers chatted in the back seat. The van rattled as it climbed a steep hill while making a detour to pick up… Read more »