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In this age of acronyms and abbreviations, I hereby offer a set of initials that carries no patent, is not described in Wikipedia, is not explained away in Urban Legends and will not be found in any dictionary: G.O.F. for Gift of Faith. We do not need to think about breathing, but we inhale and… Read more »

Why do we serve?

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When IVC volunteers serving in the greater Los Angeles area were asked why they joined IVC their answers were enlightening as well as inspiring. Here are some of their responses:      “I have been blessed with a beautiful family, a full life with good health.   It is my time to give back a little of all… Read more »


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Trees continually grow. When they stop growing, they die. Like trees, we also grow, as long as we live. We do not increase in height; we certainly do not put out additional appendages, such as arms or legs, but even physically our bodies continually grow new cells that replace old ones. But, as embodied spirits,… Read more »