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Reflections on Hospice Volunteering

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During the last days of my husband’s life, God provided for us the blessing of Midwest Care Hospice Center. I call it a blessing because it was beyond expectations; I say God provided for us because their services and care were generously extended to our family. My husband went to heaven with a beatific smile;… Read more »


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We can say of most of the people we know that they are honest. Depending upon the context, we expect that those we trust will say what they mean and will act justly. We value honesty in others. How important is honesty as a quality in our own lives, in its various meanings and levels?… Read more »


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Selecting leaders is one of the most difficult challenges that every society or political entity or organization must confront.  Hereditary succession, military victory in civil war, political machinations, democracy – all these means have been utilized as ways to choose political leaders – with varying degrees of success or failure. This challenge of finding the… Read more »