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Serving the poor: Not “if”, but “how”

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Throughout Jesus’ public life he was questioned on how to live and ultimately die in God’s favor. Three of the four gospel writers, Matthew, Mark and Luke tell the story of a rich young man who asks Jesus how he can gain eternal life. Jesus tells him to obey the commandments to which the young… Read more »

Do you believe in God?

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Do you believe in God? All of you who read this blog would quickly answer “Yes.” You would, of course, be right since you are reading this blog precisely because you are a believer. But I have often wondered whether or how much we actually believe in God since faith like love is shown in… Read more »

Back Flop

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I once tried to do a dive off a platform into a swimming pool: jumping forward but then falling backwards into the water. When done correctly, it is called a reverse dive. I did it incorrectly, and landed on my back with a resounding splash. The only injury was to my pride. I had thought… Read more »