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In the gospel readings for the last few days before Pentecost we hear Jesus’ prayer in John chapter 17. It is the last prayer before he goes to his death. Try to put yourself in his place. You have had a mission in life, and you have done your best to carry out that mission…. Read more »

A Busload of Rats

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On the morning of the day I type this, Rev. Larry Rice–a homeless activist (and some say, selfish clown) who runs the New Life Evangelistic Center–was released from the St. Louis City Justice Center.  Yesterday, Rev. Rice and three others (one supporter and two homeless camp residents) were arrested for not departing a new homeless… Read more »

In God’s Image

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Last week at the shelter, 4 year old Brandon was having a rough day. He was cooped inside with all of the other children (mostly girls) and no one was treating him well, as he let everyone know through constant crying fits. Since I wasn’t that busy, I offered to take him out to the… Read more »