The Spirituality of Transformation

Dear All,

The day after tomorrow, Holy Thursday, begins the miraculous journey to Easter.  The path Christ walks in sacrificial love for you and me ends with the divine lesson that God’s love is a forgiving and renewing love.  If received that love conquers and transforms us all.

The IVC stories I want to share with you this month are very special in light of this truth.  You will learn of a wonderful sister Ignatian mission, the Ignatian Spirituality Project and the work they do to bring light, life and hope to  women and men who are homeless.  IVC volunteers who serve at this mission have powerful stories to share.

We offer them to you as possible reflection and inspiration for your Holy Week prayer.

Thank you for all you do to make this service possible.  You bring hope to others through your support of IVC.

With our best wishes for your own Holy Week to Easter celebrations,