Prayer for Lent: Letting Go

O God, help us to use this season of Lent

to examine our attachments,

and to sense where You invite us

to live more simply and deeply.


Shine the light of Your love

into the private corners of our lives

where we have acquired so much clutter

that it has begun to restrict our freedom.


Grant us the strength to free ourselves

from appetites and needs that drive us

into taking, having and wanting

more than we need or have time for.


Teach us that in letting go

we become free, rather than deprived,

generous rather than covetous,

and spacious rather than restricted.


We offer You our Lenten observance,

and today we place our feet

on the road to Easter and walk

the Way that You have walked before us. Amen.

— by Ann Siddall, Stillpoint Spirituality Centre website