Pray for IVC

In addition to becoming an Ignatian Volunteer or making a financial gift to IVC, we invite you to remember IVC in your prayers.

We ask that you remember…

  •  The children, families, and adults who are poor,
  • The community agencies and programs that work to meet their needs,
  • The Ignatian Volunteers (current, former, and yet-to-be) and others who serve them, and
  • The staff and leadership of IVC.

Pray in thanksgiving for the work of the Holy Spirit in the continued growth and service of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps.

St. Ignatius captured the grace of gratitude when he prayed:

Grant us an intimate knowledge of all the blessings we have received, so that with gratitude for all, we might in all things generously love and serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters.