A Message from Mary McGinnity, Executive Director

Happy season of gratitude and light everyone!

Having just spent the weekend with men and women of the IVC Chicago service corps I’m snuggled in one of my favorite prayer spots: a window seat on an airplane.

Traveling in the wonder of human technology and able to transcend the bounds of gravity and my limited view of the world, as we take off, I contemplate the views below and on the horizon. I think of a God that holds that view of us always with more love than we can possibly contain.

I also look below and think of all the incredible social service agencies in the city below that create spaces and places where people who are in particular need – need of food, hearth, safety, security education, human kindness, healing of body or mind – can be received and needs can be met. I think of the people who run these places, serve in these spaces and give to these places.

During the holiday season we enable these places to do their work with our own charity. All year long the men and women of IVC serve these agencies and the people they serve. If there is one huge fan group of IVC it’s the directors of our partner agencies!

Thank you for all give and do to make IVC a strong spiritually empowered service corps of professionals and retirees who now bring their best, wise, talented selves to meet the need of others, serving in hundreds of social service and educational agencies.

As I close this note, and prepare to land in another IVC service region – Denver (one of our newest!), I want to thank you and wish you a season filled with many moments where you experience the grace of God’s divine love and know just how deeply you are loved – from above!

Thank YOU for bringing light and love into this world.