Message from Mary McGinnity, Executive Director

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Dear Friends,

Earlier this month, IVC’s leaders gathered in Baltimore from around the country to renew and strengthen our bonds as community. We came together to tell our stories and to celebrate our growth. Today we are poised to add five new regions to IVC, a testament to the gifts our volunteers bring and the great need for those gifts.

We marveled at the growth of IVC, but we also acknowledged a challenge: How do we keep that intimate, attentive community as the touchstone that undergirds our service?

I think the answer lies in the Thanksgiving story. It is also the IVC story. We come together in our diversity, connect with one another and those we serve, opening us to the grace that allows us to be the light of Christ for others.

It’s the communities we create as men and women of IVC that set us apart from any other volunteer organization. Our communities are built upon a genuine listening to and attentiveness to one another. We drink from that communal cup, and it strengthens us to serve others.

The power of that community is as extraordinary as it is intimate.

For this Thanksgiving, may the communities we make and renew around the table be filled with that same grace.

A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you all!