Lifting Up

Dear IVC Friends,

As we enter Holy Week, we reflect on the journey Christ took to Calvary. He was a person who many at that time thought was a political threat, someone to be eliminated to stop a movement.  He was someone to be thrown away.  He was abandoned in his darkest hour even by his closest friends.

A small group of special people – Joseph of Arimathea, some apostles, and the women who stayed at the foot of the cross – kept his dignity intact.

Our work through IVC puts us in direct contact with many who society too often view as throwaways – immigrants, refugees, men and women who are homeless, prisoners, the marginalized.  Some may even consider them threats.  Ignatian Volunteers get right in there and lift them up, just as thpallbearer ministryose who remained with Jesus did.

In this issue we share Jim Swinerton’s IVC service.  Jim teaches young people about the dignity of the human person with his work at St. Ignatius High School’s Arimathea  Pallbearer Ministry in Cleveland.  Students literally lift up the deceased and honor their dignity.  I hope you’ll read the story and keep his ministry in your heart as you journey with Christ this week.

Our work at IVC is to be Christ to one another, and to see Christ in our brothers and sisters who are suffering.  Thank you for being part of this critical mission of love.