Volunteer Stories

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In the Syracuse Diocese we have a number of volunteers working at diverse agencies that are committed to helping the poor and disadvantaged.

George Fyffe is associated with Catholic Charities’ Elderly Services, whose mission is to provide programs which enable older people to remain safely and comfortably in their home for as long as possible. The various programs are offered to all seniors regardless of race, religion or creed.

Chet Benoit spends his volunteer hours at Refugee Resettlement helping newly arrived refugees  to communicate with landlords, deal with government agencies such as Social Security, the post office and Motor Vehicle, as well as things we take for granted, like grocery shopping, school and public transportation.

Ron Russell previously worked with On Point For College whose mission is to open the door to education for disadvantaged inner-city youth,  including  help with applications, counseling, transportation, on-campus visits and follow-up visits. This year Ron is giving his time to Sarah House, a place that accepts referrals  from  local hospitals to provide a place to stay for immediate family of patients from other counties. Sarah House provides a home atmosphere with many amenities and transportation to and from the hospital.

John Moran has become affiliated with Cathedral Emergency Services, an organization that provides food, clothing and various types  of  advice and referrals to inner-city working poor as well as the homeless.

A number of other of other agencies are awaiting a volunteer. Will it be you?