Welcome to IVC Portland (ME)

IVC-Portland, Maine, has grown rapidly, since it officially launched in 2019. Our Service Corps Members are serving throughout the greater Portland area, as well as in Waterville, Maine.

Whether you are interested in joining IVC, considering hosting an IVC Service Corps member at your organization, or simply curious to learn, we want to hear from you! 

News and Other Stories from IVC-Portland

IVC-Portland Days of Service

IVC-Portland recently hosted two community days of service. Service Corps Members, Regional Advisory Council members, and their families came together to help local organizations in need by volunteering their time. IVC-Portland joined volunteers from Our Lady of Hope...

A Change in Perspetive

A Change in Perspetive

Portland Adult Education (PAE), a center for learning in Portland, Maine, started in 1848 with a budget of $120 and 60 students. While the Center serves all populations in need, immigrants have always been a part of the Center’s community and account for almost half of the current enrollment.