Welcome to IVC Philadelphia/South Jersey

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And the Word became flesh!

And the Word has flesh still:

Eyes to see those overlooked and invisible,

Ears to hear both loud and silent cries for help

Hands to heal, feed, clothe, lift up, caress

Feet to walk with those who struggle, to visit the sick, lonely, imprisoned

Voices to teach, console, encourage, confront, gladden, sing, and praise

Glory to God in the highest!

And on earth, peace to people of good will,


                             and loving, faith-filled service.

The Word became flesh and lives among us.                                                 RJM 2018


IVC Philadelphia/South Jersey recruits and supports committed, competent, and caring Ignatian Volunteers for community programs serving vulnerable populations throughout the region. Volunteers work two days a week at partner agencies offering direct service to children, families, and adults who are materially poor.