Northern Virginia Region’s Spiritual Support

Ignatian Volunteers in Northern Virginia participate in IVC’s spiritual reflection on their service experiences in the following ways:

  • We come together each September and June for a two-day retreat at the Loyola-on-the-Potomac Retreat House in southern Maryland.
  • We gather in January for a one-day Day of Reflection.
  • Small groups of local Ignatian Volunteers come together as a community once a month in what we call “City Group” meetings. These include praying, reflecting on and discussing the scriptures, and discussing a book chosen nationally by the IVC national office.
  • Each volunteer meets individually once a month with his or her spiritual reflector.
  • Each volunteer is encouraged to keep a spiritual journal relating to their volunteer experiences. This journal provides the ‘grist’ for the conversation with his or her spiritual reflector.

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