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Casa Romero Renewal Center Has 1st Milwaukee Volunteer

David Shields, S.J., Executive Director, Casa Romero Renewal Center

David Shields, S.J.
Executive Director
Casa Romero Renewal Center

“Some years ago, I heard of IVC and the good work that the Ignatian Volunteers were doing in the Chicago area. It seemed like a great fit for my little retreat center to have the professional services of a volunteer while also enjoying the blessing of working with someone trying to live the same Ignatian spiritual values as I am.

But sadly, no IVC community existed here in Milwaukee and the Chicago community couldn’t reach to here. So I was happy to hear that a new community was forming in Milwaukee and I contacted the leadership immediately. Our new IVC Volunteer, Mary Beth, who is helping us at Casa Romero brings a rich array of professional expertise and administrative insight to our organization. And all this with strong Ignatian principles which we embrace too. I couldn’t be more pleased with our Ignatian Volunteer. I hope that Casa Romero can maintain a relationship with IVC for years to come.”

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