Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities NOW!



Watch for news about volunteer opportunities starting this Fall!

PILOT PROGRAM—Placement Sharing

Do you have a friend who would like to work with you and share a volunteer placement?

IVC volunteers are counted on to show up at the agencies when expected.  This can be difficult should a potentially wonderful volunteer want to travel during the  year, such as visiting grandkids or spend a few weeks in Florida during the winter.  .SO.. IVC Cleveland is piloting a job sharing program .

Each volunteer would

>serve 1 day week  in the same position

>if one has to travel the other would double up and complete the other’s week day and then vice-versa

Imterested? Please email Cathy at cduer@ivcusa.org


Live on the east side?

Would you love to become an IVC volunteer but do not want to travel to the

west side for our monthly meetings?

We will meet every 3rd Wed of the Month from Sept-June at Gesu.

(of course your placement would be on the east side)

Interested? please email Cathy at cduer@ivcusa.org