Alumni Stories

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“Being an IVC member has made the greatest impression on me of virtually anything I’ve ever done…It taught me that I should never say ‘they’ about people again—everybody’s an individual and everybody has a story.

– Joanne Twomey (MUND ’62) as quoted in the Fall 2008 issue of Linkage, The Spirit of Mundelein, a newsletter from Mundelein College.


IVC Chicago Volunteer Bill Koloseike taught English at Family Focus, a comprehensive family support system for Spanish-speaking families that provides everything from after-school programs to counseling. Bill “served as a motivation for those he educates, reiterating to them that hard work and education go hand in hand.”… “What kept Bill returning to offer his Mondays and Wednesdays to the families of Aurora for the past three years was not only the people he worked with, but the unique element of spiritual reflection that is provided through IVC.”

– Excerpt from the Fall 2008 issue of Partner’s Magazine.


More from our other IVC Chicago alumni:

“IVC has enriched my volunteer effort with a deeper spiritual dimension and helped me discover the face of Christ in those I serve.” –Jim 

“IVC not only allows me the opportunity to share with those less fortunate some of the advantages I have had in life; it also integrates this with my faith life and the support of a community of like-minded people.” –Mary 

The opportunity to grow in my spiritual life while serving the marginalized was the combination I was seeking in retirement.” –Dick 

“Before joining IVC, the feeling that I was making a difference had somehow eluded me. On my first day as an IVC volunteer, the teacher brought to me two shy students and said to me, ‘They do not speak any English. This is what you will be doing for the rest of the year.’ It was the best year of my life!” —Marla

“IVC gives a new meaning to volunteering.  It is volunteering with spirituality and purpose.” –Ken